Sunday, January 22

Make Over Your Junk Drawer


I happened to find myself watching Martha Stewart a few weeks ago, not something I do on a regular basis. I mean really who can keep up? She was showing her organized craft room up at the "big house" in Connecticut. Again making me feel inadequate and about as small as possible. However it did inspire me to make one small my my life during the month of January. The beginning of a new year and hopefully a new and worthy habit. So here it goes......

  I have a drawer to the left of my refrigerator where I keep pens, paper, scissors and other essential items at arms length. Don't ask me why but I can NEVER find my pens, paper or scissors when needed. It can be quite frustrating. My husband will tell you that my drawer is normally in a state of complete disarray. This is a pet peeve of his and believe me we have had the whole "why don't you straighten up that drawer" conversation. So I propose that we review a few tips that might be helpful to not only me but other "junk drawer junkies" as well. Guiding us to a more organized peaceful existence. Hopefully saving us time later on when we have the phone to our ear and once again find ourselves digging for a pen! I hate it when that happens! 

 I think we can organize our drawers in just three simple steps. You never know, it just might be surprisingly easy and we might even find a few treasures along the way.

1. Empty it out, completely. Spread the contents of your junk drawer across your entire counter top. Are you amazed at how much was in that little drawer? I AM! Now that you can see everything clearly, go through and throw away anything that’s garbage—dried-up lip balms, expired coupons, old outdated papers from your child's school....I found a form for band in my drawer from 2006...yes I was shocked! Old pens, broken crayons...etc....get rid of anything you don't think you will use again.
2. Next, sort out all the items that actually belong in other areas of your home: screws and picture hangers...tool kit in the garage, tweezers and emery boards...bathroom, and so on. You get the general idea here. Make piles for each area of your home so you can quickly put everything away and OUT of the kitchen. Now sort the remaining items, the aforementioned junk, that actually belong in that particular drawer. Sort it into groups by category—rubber bands in one pile, pens and pencils in another, and so on. Mine is looking about yours??
3. The last step is to organize efficiently by putting everything back in the drawer. First I vacuumed out my little had collected more than just junk. Once nice and clean, I was ready to fill'er up. An inexpensive organizing tray might help you maintain order. I bought a silverware tray for my drawer. For small things, like paper clips and safety pins, you might try and use an ice cube tray, with each section dedicated to a different type of "junk".
  Stand back and look at your neatly organized drawer. It didn't take too much time out of my day and guess what...I can find my pens now!!!  Next the make-up drawer I think...onward and upward! The following are just a few examples of what others have created from the "spare" junk found in their drawers. I am SO impressed!


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