Saturday, December 31

No Recipe, No Rules but Sufficiently Worthy

  Anybody out there feel like they are in a "rut"? You love God, family, home and country but somehow the sound of your own voice inside of your head drives you slightly nuts. Am I alone here? Anybody? Well I do. At times.
  I've said it before, I lead a small life, sufficiently worthy, but small. Sufficiently worthy...what's that? It's sad is what it is! It means that I meet the requirements of a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece and friend. No more. No less. And if I'm going to be totally honest here there are times when I'm not even that. I don't quite reach that mark I have set in my brain. I think it's my mother's fault. I'm pretty sure she is the one that set such a high mark in my mind that I can't quite get there. FYI: This is a compliment. My mom's the best.  But isn't it always the mother's fault? 
  Truly, for the most part life is GOOD here at Porter South. We all take care of our routines sufficiently which keeps the cogs turning and our sails in place. But what if I wanted my sails full of wind, living life to the fullest, the largest instead of just meeting my quota? Do I live the life I lead because I enjoy the security of my mundane rut or because I am afraid of change or have a fear of failure? There is a Ronda way back in there somewhere buried beneath years of kids, commitments and the daily grind. She has been praying and seeking God's perfect will for the answer to "What's next Lord? The kids are gone and no longer need me, there's only so much cleaning one woman can what's next?" She hasn't found the answer yet. While continuing her daily routine, the rut, she is still in search for the answer to her question.  Ever ready to fight her way out to fulfill that part of her that thinks, wishes, hopes, and dreams of living a life that is LARGE.
  Now you may ask yourself WHAT in the world does that have to do with a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. I have no idea...just is after all NewYear's Eve. This sandwich is my favorite go to "it's cold, I don't feel good, Greg's working late" meal. I could eat this everyday. I believe that's considered a rut? Doesn't matter, I love it anyway. So here it recipe, no rules...this is how I make a grilled cheese sandwich.
Things You Will Need:
-2 slices of your favorite bread
-spreadable butter or margarine
-2-3 slices of your favorite cheese, I use Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Gruyere or Swiss and your old fashioned gonna kill you early American Processed Cheese
-4-5 slices of lunch meat, I use Oscar Mayer's Smoked's extremely thin
-Poppy seeds
-Garlic powder
  In my T-Fal non-stick skillet I lay my ham out for two reasons:1. It makes the ham hot which aids in melting the cheese and 2. It just tastes better...what can I say, it's true. While it is warming up butter the bread, move the ham out of the way and lay down your first piece of bread, top it with 1 piece of cheese and all of your warm ham. Sprinkle poppy seeds and garlic powder over the ham and top that with your remaining cheese, 1 or 2 slices..whatever you prefer, and second piece of buttered bread. Grill until golden and and the cheese is melted. It is very rich. Mr. P and I usually split a sandwich. We eat this with good old fashioned Campbell's Tomato soup. FYI, in the bottom of our cups I crumble up Cabot's Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. I LOVE THIS CHEESE!! Then I pour the oh so hot soup over said cheese. Oh the joys of Winter, a bless-ed warm house, someone to love, someone to snuggle with and the utter bliss of comfort food!
*Get creative. You can add anything to this sandwich and it would be yummy. Avocado thinly sliced with bacon, Peaches (I happen to love this combo), apple, basil-tomato and mozzarella cheese...if it sounds good try it, you just might like it.

  Mr. P is in a state of heavy sleep. He is the only one that knows where my pictures are on the computer. I will post pictures or slide show tomorrow.

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