Tuesday, December 20

Eatin' Cuties!

Cutie Clementines
If you have spent anytime reading my blog you already know I love citrus fruit. Pardon me though, I don't think you know at what level my love for citrus fruit is really on. Like, did you know that I eat one or two really large grapefruits everyday? Now you could say, "Well she is eating all of that grapefruit to help her lose weight". Have you seen me lately? That is NOT why I eat grapefruit. I truly have a passion for ALL things tart. At all times there are lemons, limes, oranges, clementines, and grapefruit in the house. Grapefruit must be Rio Star...OH...just the best! And the clementines..oh well....
Greg's artwork.
  ...Have you tried the clementines? They're the Cuties! I love that name. Sort of like the Kewpie Dolls from the 20's and 30's. I am hooked on the Cutie Clementines. When you take your first bite there is this total explosion of flavor all at once. Divine I tell you. Then you chew and it just keeps getting better. One is NOT enough, slightly addictive they can be, so watch out. The Cuties are a comin'!
  Seeing as how I am the LAST person that should hand out dieting advice, you can stop reading at this point if you like. Those of you that are just desperate enough to stick with me I have only one small tip for you. If you have numerous parties to attend this Christmas and New Year's Eve, you will be consuming more calories than normal. That's just a given,  we are AWARE! On the days that you have a party to attend drink as much water as you can and substitute a meal with a small piece of fruit or salad. DO NOT skip it. I don't even have to be with you to know what will happen if you skip a meal, because I have done the same thing! You will be really hungry and all of those luscious "little" hor devours will look harmless enough until they start calling your name. It happens. We're human. Think water. Think small salad. Think fruit. If all else fails you will be so full of water you know where your time will be spent at that party....and it won't be over the buffet table! Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!
Merry, Merry!

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