Sunday, April 24

Endive, Orange & Roquefort Salad

I like salads that taste good all year long. Using ingredients that I can easily find anytime at my green grocer or market. This salad is the perfect layering of sweet orange and tart apple, spicy Roquefort cheese, and peppery arugula. I love arugula! It makes everything taste better.... but that's just my opinion.

Thursday, April 21

Saturday, April 2

Healthy Fresh Fruit Breakfast Pizzas

Quick and easy to pull together, these delicious and nutritious fruit pizzas are a wonderful go-to breakfast. But honestly, they are a wonderful treat anytime of day.

Saturday, March 19

Edible Easter Basket

There is no shortage of creative ways to celebrate the Easter holiday. I recently stumbled upon this adorable, edible Easter basket made entirely out of cereal and marshmallows! How fun is that??

Sunday, March 6

Torn Tissue Decoupage Eggs

A common title for such beautiful things! The title says nothing about how easy these pretty eggs are to make, or how creative one can get making them, or how stunningly beautiful they turn out. I can’t wait to show you how because I think you will love making them too…

Thursday, March 3


So easy and decadent, this pie couldn't be any simpler—all you need is whipped cream, caramel candies, pie crust, pecans, and chocolate. This rich dessert is another one of my blue ribbon winners, and I'm very proud of it. It's straightforward enough to make for every day but special enough to serve guests or take to a potluck.

Monday, February 29

The Porch House, Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds is a rural area of south central England covering parts of 6 counties, notably Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Its rolling hills and grasslands harbor glorious thatched medieval villages riddled with beautiful old mansions of honey-colored stone, thatched cottages, atmospheric churches, and rickety old pubs. If you've ever coveted exposed beams or lusted after a cream tea in the mid-afternoon, there's no finer place to fulfill your fantasies.

Sunday, February 28

Tuesday, February 16

Essentials For Every International Flight

Over the years I’ve gathered a short list of items I have with me on every flight. I also keep an eye on what other, seemingly seasoned, travelers bring with them. Over the years, my list has grown, much to Mr.P's dismay! The items above can be found here.  They are my favorite creature comforts for flying. I added ten more items below for you to take into consideration. So sit back and enjoy the flight!

Friday, February 5

Displaying Kids' Art Projects At Home

What do you do with all of the pictures that come home from school? As a young mom, I quickly realized I could not keep EVERY piece of paper that my kids drew on, but there are definite keepers. This round-up is full of terrific ideas on how to save/display the creativity of our budding artists. You’ll find suggestions for rotating displays as well as more permanent features. Did you ever think of using a curtain rod and rings, wood, wire and clips or a repurposed cabinet door for showcasing artwork? There are hinged frames that store and display, magnetic boards, corkboard tiles and clipboards. Use clothespins, wood hangers or make colorful temporary tape frames. Learn how to re-size art for a changing gallery in a multi-windowed frame, transfer images onto fabric or scan and input images onto your computer to print out a collection in book form.

Thursday, December 17

How To Make Birch Wood Candles

This DIY project is a simple way to turn beautiful birch logs into decorative candle holders. They look wonderful and festive, and will make a beautiful decoration to your own home.

Thursday, December 10

Red Velvet Cake, It's A Birthday Tradition!

In our family, tradition is HUGE. If I tried to explain all that it encompasses, we'd be here all day! Suffice it to say, Red Velvet Cake has ALWAYS been the cake of choice when birthdays roll around. My grandmother started that tradition when my sister and I were just wee ones. And now, it's what our children ask for on their special day. My grandmother had her own recipe, and as children we thought it a delightful cake. Not to speak ill of my wonderful grandmother, but as we grew older we realized our cakes were lacking.... something. Then my mother picked up the spoon and she started baking cakes for our children. The kids LOVED MeMe's Red Velvet Cake, and we rode that cake plate for quite some time. But as each generation passes, so must the baking of the beloved Red Velvet Cake.