Thursday, January 26

A Well Traveled & Weary Trunk

Yesterday, E bought this vintage wicker steamer trunk for her and Bradley's new home. It comes with such a cool history. It hails from 19th century France. It has traveled all over the world, from Ireland to China and everywhere in between - even Italy.
It was used in Cuba during the Spanish American war and finally found it's way to Spain, where an American couple bought it and brought it home. They are older now and down-sizing their belongings, that's about the time E showed up and became it's new owner. 

She hasn't decided where she is going to use this well traveled and weary trunk, but most likely as a coffee table or at the foot of their bed. It will give her extra storage space and she finds it surreal to be the one carrying this trunk back to Europe..... at least for awhile.

Get out there and hit the estate, tag and garage sales.... you never know what you will find. A treasure of your very own.

The Domestic Curator


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