Saturday, October 29

Extending Your Dining Table for the Holidays

When the holidays come around and the decision is made as to who will be hosting the big dinner, panic may set in when you discover you will be the hostess and you realize there is not enough room at your existing dining table to sit 10 – 12 family and friends.   Do you have a buffet style dinner or do you try to be a little creative with your seating plan in order to accommodate the traditional family style meal?  Here are some tips on how to tackle your seating dilemma that can be used for any large holiday gathering.

Using your existing dining table which could accommodate six people, simply add another table to the end of the original table from an adjacent room or one you have rented.  If the smaller table is ½” taller in size, how can this extension work without making the modification obvious? Using two different off-white tablecloths, cover both ends of the table. Taking a large tablecloth, with a warm color, place it over the top and in the center of the two off-white coverings.  This will tie in both of the tablecloths, making the dining table one and not two noticeable pieces.  Even though the middle tablecloth did not reach from one end to the other, the purpose is to merge the two different patterned tone-on-tone tablecloths as one.  No one will know that the off-white tablecloths are different from one end of the table to the other.

Using three different color placemats is the next step to making this tabletop creation work. Alternate your placemats around the table.  Add a final bit of color with two different shades of  napkins.

Creating without spending extra money on new linens or dishware can work and work well. With pattern and fall color dispersed nicely throughout the holiday table setting.  The use of a simple but proportionately scaled Amaryllis plant adds the final touch as the table’s centerpiece blooming just in time.
No matter what holiday it is, this table setting and extending tips can apply.
  • Join two dining tables together to add length
  • Use two colors on your tablecloths for joining as one
  • Use a third tablecloth of color to the center to hide end seams
  • Alternate style and color placemats evenly at settings
  • Use one style dish pattern to tie in the look
  • Use one simple centerpiece to finish off
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