Sunday, March 6

Torn Tissue Decoupage Eggs

A common title for such beautiful things! The title says nothing about how easy these pretty eggs are to make, or how creative one can get making them, or how stunningly beautiful they turn out. I can’t wait to show you how because I think you will love making them too…

  • Blown-out eggs… I use the real deal. There is something so beautiful about the “feel” of the eggshell that cannot be duplicated. Very nice when you are not covering the entire egg.
  • Napkins or Tissue Paper with designs and or great colors.
  • ModPodge
  • Wax paper to work on.
    • Separate the ply’s of the napkin and use the top designed tissue. To separate the napkin, tear the edge to expose the layers and pull apart.
    • Cut out or tear the portion of the tissue you want to put on the egg. If you are covering the whole egg tear larger sections.
    • Using a small paintbrush, put a dot of Mod Podge on the spot you want the design to go. Place the design over the dot and press down with the paintbrush. Put a little more Mod Podge on the brush and gently brush the design onto the egg starting in the center and working out to the sides.
    • Make sure to work over a sheet of wax paper. Very important! Your designs wont’t stick to it.
    • Don't worry about the wrinkles, gently keep  smoothing them out with the brush. If the design breaks or tears, that’s okay. It makes it look “artistic”.
    • Work on one section of the egg at a time. Give it time to dry before working on another section. You can work on several eggs at one time. That way you could continue working, moving from egg to egg.
    • When you are happy with the eggs let them completely dry. Turning them so the whole egg is dry.
    • Put them in something pretty and show off your little work of arts!

    The Domestic Curator


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