Monday, December 7

Pearl Harbor Day, Mrs. Miniver & Thinking

As today is December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, AMC has been running non-stop war movies, from the battlefield and the home front.  Seeing as how I couldn't sleep in the wee hours this morning, and I've already dusted, I watched Mrs. Miniver. One of my ALL time favorite WW II films. So I have a couple of thoughts, and bear with me as this is how my mind works - it drifts.

First off, my favorite scene takes place in the Miniver's kitchen early one morning. Greer Garson's character, Mrs. Miniver, is being held at gunpoint by an injured German bomber - it is amazing. She is such a brave woman. She helps her enemy as best she can, even though he is telling her that they will soon finish the war by dropping many more bombs over England, killing hundreds of thousands of people - men, women and children. So I think to myself, it's such a shame that the Brits have gotten such a bad rap over the years about being stiff and not showing emotion, the classic 'stiff upper lip' and all. But I say NO! I really don't think the British people had much of a choice when it came to being stoic. I think it just came naturally for them to toughen up, they had too. You can't have people dropping bombs on your home and not grow a tough shell. Don't you agree??

Secondly, how does the whole milk man thing work? The milk man leaves fresh bottles of milk, eggs, butter...whatever, early in the morning and picks up the empty bottles you leave on the stoop the night before. Now I ask you, what if you sleep in on a hot day? How long can you leave milk products and fresh eggs on your porch before they are not good anymore? It seems K-razy to me, but I know for hundreds of years this is how the milk/egg industry has worked. I say, thank goodness for local markets where I can buy my milk cold - when it's convenient for me, in case I want to sleep in..... - and still get it in my fridge in a timely fashion.

Also, I want to stop and say a BIG thank you to the men and women who serve our country day in and day out so selflessly. What a truly wonderful blessing you all are to the American people. Praying for your safety this Pearl Harbor Day and every day. God bless all of you!

Tight hugs and Much Love From across the many miles my friends, have a great week!

The Domestic Curator

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