Sunday, April 6

My In-Flight Travel Essentials

I am sharing my top 20 in-flight travel essentials, including all of the items I like to have with me on any given plane trip no matter how long or short the duration. Traveling can be a stressful experience and I like to have certain things with me that aid in my comfort. As much as I appreciate the convenience of air travel, I am not particularly fond of being on an airplane. Anything I can do to help myself feel even the slightest bit more comfortable during a flight is well worth toting around a few extra items. Of course, everyone’s needs, when it comes to personal comfort, are different. I am sharing my own In-Flight Travel Essentials here, with easy to follow links, but it’s important to decide for yourself what your needs are for travel before packing. Happy trails to you.......

1. Paisley Pashmina Wrap in Teal; This pashmina is perfect for a cold car or airplane as well as an outfit boost. Completely reversible, this comfortable wrap is stylish no matter how or why you wear it. You never know when you might find yourself standing outside of a cathedral in shorts and a tank top and need to cover up to gain entrance. $9.95, Peach Couture.

2. Hearos Ear Plugs Xtreme ProtectionI take these EVERY WHERE! They're also great for when you need to sleep on the plane and cancel out all that noise. $9.99,  Amazon.

3. FIJI Bottled Water, 500 mL; Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - the first cardinal rule for airplane travel. Once you pass the security checks, stop by the newsstand for a large bottle of water, you'll be glad you did. $1.99.

4. EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere - Sweet Mint; Flying can be a very drying experience - be prepared. EOS Lip Balm is the best. Making not only your lips moist bust your breath smell fresh and it's inexpensive too. $2.99, Target.

5. Colgate Wisp Peppermint Mini Toothbrushes; I can't sing these mini brushes praises enough — I LOVE THEM. They're small, handy and a must have for travel. Giving you that just brushed feeling anytime and anywhere. Throw a couple in your bag and you're ready to go. $4.99, Target.

6. 'Butterfly' Eau de Toilette Rollerball; For post-flight freshness, this floral-fruit-wood blend is highly sought after and has a huge fan base. It can take you from the luggage carousel to late night. $20.00, Nordstroms.

7. Dream Essentials® Escape TM Luxury Sleep MaskThis is no ordinary sleep mask, it is a luxury class with eye cavities so your eyes do not touch the fabric. Ensuring that the mask completely blocks out all light. $19.95, Amazon.

8. Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Sanitizing Hand Gel; With over 40 different fragrances to choose from you can keep yourself germ-free and smelling fresh during travel. $1.75, Bath & Body Works.

9. Travel Journal and Pen; A travel journal accompanies me on every trip, writing about the things we've done/seen together is a passion of mine. It's mostly little notes and bullet points of places or moments that I don't want to forget.  I love this leather bound beauty from Celery Street. It's embossed with a world map and the words, 'Miles to go....'. You may not keep notes and highlights from your travels but do yourself a favor and tuck, at the very least, a pad of paper and pen inside your bag. As you are flying into a country there are forms you must fill out and digging for a pen at the last minute is no fun! $24.95, Celery Street.

10. Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial TowelettesTo avoid that wilted feeling after a long flight, and giving yourself that fresh-off-the-plane look, keep these hydrating cleansing towelettes — which are made with cucumbers, green tea, broccoli and spinach — in your bag to refresh your face on the go. $4.79, Drugstore.

11. Divided Pill Box; I don't go anywhere with out a pill box! Aleve, Advil, Dramamine and some sort of antihistamine pack very nicely into this convenient carry on. $1.00, The Container Store.

12. Dramamine® Less Drowsy; Take this miracle drug with you whether you're flying, driving or sailing. You never know when motion sickness will hit you and most countries overseas require a prescription from a doctor for this simple medication! $3.97, Walmart.

13. iPad; For those long haul flights, the iPad lets you listen to music, watch movies, play games, read and work. It's incredibly small, slim, light and has an amazing screen. So ditch your heavy books, iPod and laptop and make travel easier with an iPad. $314.99, Amazon.

14. Neutrogena® Fast Absorbing Hand Cream; This hand cream instantly delivers the moisture your hands need while traveling without any greasy after feel. This lightweight formula helps repair skin's moisture barrier to keep hands softer and smoother, longer. $5.99, Neutrogena.

15. Spring Valley Timed Release Melatonin Sleep Support 10mg; I have a hard time sleeping on an airplane. My mind is racing about all that must be remembered, whether it's flight connections or securing land transportation when we land, my mind usually doesn't settle down to rest. Melatonin gets the job done for me and it's also one of those drugs you can't pick up overseas - so take it from home and sleep well my friends! $8.99, Walmart.

16. Jonathan Adler Travel Neck PillowsBanish on-flight discomfort at once, and while you’re at it, banish all the ugly travel pillows. Rest your head instead on one of these very stylish neck pillows. It’ll support your neck, take the pressure off your shoulders, and deliver you peacefully to your destination. $25.00, Jonathan Adler.

17. Dr. Dre Studio Beats Headphones; Powerful enough to block out a jet engine, the noise cancellation feature amplifies music as it blocks out all hubbub of the airplane, giving you consistently powerful and intense sound. Super plush and covered with ultra-soft breathable materials, you'll be cool and comfortable and the logo over the ear is a mute button allowing you to keep them on as you talk. $279.99, Walmart.

18. Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens; Formulated for all skin types, these high quality linens are infused with soothing green tea extract to absorb excess oil, reduce shine and irritation without disturbing makeup. $10.00, Sephora.

19. Crafting for Road Trips or Long Flights; This is for our daughter, Elizabeth. I asked her what she would choose to take with her to pass time while traveling. As any teenager will likely tell you, she resoundingly said, 'smart phone, headphones and snacks'. She also added a good book and a crochet project. She's an avid reader and is a fierce crocheting addict! Last year as we were traveling through Europe she crocheted several animal pillows for her new dorm room. When you're on a 12 to 13 hour flight from Dallas to Rome, movies, reading and sleeping are going to get you only so far. Break it up with something fun you enjoy doing to relax. Surprisingly, she was allowed through every security check from DFW to London to Rome and everywhere in between with a crochet needle - go figure!

20. Planters Digestive Health Mix Nut-Rition; I've learned that flying can cause tummy trouble, which I hate. I always try to take something with me to keep these problems under control. This yummy blend of pistachios, almonds, tart cranberries, crunchy granola clusters and sweet cherries is my new favorite thing! It's not only an excellent source of dietary fiber, which helps promote digestive health, but delicious as well - how many things can you say that about? $5.94, Walmart.

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  1. I love that Nut-Trition stuff...maybe a little TOO much as I can demolish a can in a day or two. Great tips for traveling. Thanks for sharing. :)

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