Monday, June 17

Dorm Room Picture Collages

Surrounding yourself with photos of friends and family can make the transition to college life a little easier, and make your dorm room feel more like home. A wall collage will help you keep that link with  home as you begin to capture new memories at college. A collage is a functional way to display several pictures in a small area without the need for individual picture frames. Since dorms don't typically allow nail holes, the best picture collages are lightweight and have alternative hanging methods. You can create photo collages, using programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Word, online photo printing sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly, or the old-fashioned way by hanging an arrangement or photos. You decide how you want to make your photo collage and begin.


A shaped collage gives the display a distinct appearance while capturing the college student's personality. Start with a large piece of stiff cardboard in a square or rectangle shape. Cut a piece of poster board the same size as the cardboard. Cut out a shape in the middle of the poster board, such as a football helmet, star, heart or giant letter representing the student's name. Place the poster board cutout over the cardboard and trace the shape onto the cardboard. Adhere the photos to the cardboard to cover the shape. When you attach the poster board to the cardboard, the photos show through the cutout to display the custom collage.

A simple option for creating a photo collage is to adhere photos to the wall with double-sided tape. Start with a photo in the middle, sticking it to the wall with tape on each corner of the picture. If you just use one piece of tape in the middle, the photo is likely to curl at the corners. Continue adding more photos with each new image slightly overlapping old ones. Place the photos at different angles for variety. For a more uniformed look you can add inexpensive colored photo mats to 'frame' your photos before hanging them on the wall.

A mock clothesline is another way to display a pictures. Use lightweight string as the clothesline. Use adhesive removable plastic wall hooks to hold the string in place. Tie the ends of the string to the hooks so it stretches across the wall. Use binder clips or mini clothespins to hold photos onto the string. Overlap the pictures slightly to create a collage-like appearance.

Decoupage is a method of gluing items onto a base. For a collage, use an artist's canvas as the base. Brush decoupage glue on the back of the picture before pressing it on the canvas. Brush additional glue on top of the picture to help seal it on the canvas. Continue adding more photos with the glue. A final coating of glue over the entire canvas helps keep the photos in place.


  • Pictures you want to use 
  • 2 20x30 foam core boards, any color
  • Poster hangers
  • Foam brushes 
  • Double sided tape
  • Mod Podge

 This shows the thickness of the foam core board.
First, draw out a plan according to the number of photos you are using.
To make sure your plan is doable, cut some computer paper into 
the size photos you are using and lay them out. A good idea before cutting your pictures.
 If your plan works, begin cutting pictures into 4 inch squares OR have
 them pre-sized when you have them printed out at your local pharmacy or Fed-EX store. 
 Lay them all out on the floor in the order you want to display them. 
One by one tape them down with double sided tape.
Cover with a good layer of Mod Podge.
Let it dry fully, overnight is best.
Attach poster hooks and hang on your wall, simple and VERY effective!
If perfection is not your thing, then truly make a collage by NOT organizing your photos. Mod Podge them down in a random-free style that most young college students seem to prefer. Either way, it's a great way to spend some quality time with your college friends on a rainy Saturday afternoon. 

I like it!
What do you think?


TDC TIP: If you have your color photos printed off onto good quality computer paper or card stock it is so much easier to Mod Podge them down.
Instructions and photos for decoupaged collage from BITS OF EVERYTHING


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