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Garden Style Florals - DIY

Why would anyone spend an exorbitant amount of money on floral arrangements purchased from a florist?  I must confess I find this a waste of good money. Of course I have had formal training in the art of floral arranging, but the trend in the floral world seems to be moving more to a relaxed, rustic look. With just a bit of imagination and inspiration you too can make your own floral arrangements.  Most local grocery stores and super centers now sell fresh flowers and if you ask you can most likely order flowers in the color you are needing. Stay with me and keep reading.....hopefully I will inspire you to try this wonderful art form. Let's Go!

                  Shortcuts to Spring Bouquets

A stunning arrangement of fresh flowers is just a few steps away.
Here are a few tips for creating beautiful floral arrangements. 
  • Use plenty of blossoms and greenery, combing plant materials with different colors, textures, and shapes. Use fern, ivy, moss, and eucalyptus to frame the flowers and to fill out your arrangements.
  • Look for blooms with unbruised leaves and buds that are just starting to open. Recut all stems, and stand them in a mixture of cool water and flower preservative until it’s time to arrange them.
  • Balance out your arrangements with simple containers such as baskets, clay pots, glass vases, and iron urns.

Spiral-Stemmed Posy

A posy is a classic English hand-tied bouquet. You can use long-stemmed flowers such as peonies, snapdragons, roses, and tulips. I always use a wide range of greenery, most of which I cut from my own garden. Boston, Maidenhair and Asparagus fern, viburnum, hosta and lambs ear....all of these together create gorgeous shades of green and really add a whole new dimension to your arrangement.
How to Make a Posy Bouquet: Gather Flowers for Bouquet

How To Make a Posy

Creating a classic English hand-tied bouquet is simple. Following these easy step-by-step instructions.

1. Gather Flowers for Bouquet

First, lay out all of your flowers, greenery, tools and the vase you plan to use. I like using long-stemmed flowers such as snapdragons, roses, tulips and peonies. I LOVE PEONIES!  Add various shades of green with three or four different types of greenery. Use a clear glass container that will showcase the posy’s distinctive spiraled stems.
How to Make a Posy Bouquet: Remove Foliage

2. Remove Foliage

Starting about 8 to 10 inches from the top of the flowers, remove all foliage from the stems. Carefully strip off any and all thorns with a sharp paring knife. This will ensure that your bouquet will live longer. Foilage will quickly stagnate in your container. This is an important step, don't skip it.

3. Spiral Stems

Hold a cluster of several flowers in your left hand, at the midpoint of the stems. Gradually add other blooms, a few stems at a time. Place each addition of flowers on the right and angle the stems to the left, you are gradually forming a spiral. As you continue to add the rest of your flowers and foilage, give the bouquet frequent clockwise quarter turns. When you have all of your flowers and foilage set just right, tightly wrap the stems with floral tape at the center of the spiral, as pictured.
How to Make a Posy Bouquet: Spiral Stems

4. Cut Stems

Along the bottom, cut stems completely straight across.

How to Make a Posy Bouquet: Cut Stems

5. Place in Vase 

Set the posy in a glass vase. Notice how wide the vases mouth is in this picture? It will allow your flowers plenty of room to fall into place. Fill the vase with water and flower preservative. Cut and remove floral tape and let your flowers fall naturally into place. Change the water every two or three days.                                   
How to Make a Posy Bouquet: Place in Vase

I hope you will try your hand at flower arranging before you spend a large amount of money at a florist. I think you will enjoy creating these beautiful bunch of blooms. They will brighten your day and home. ENJOY!

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