Sunday, October 11

How To Print Graphics On Paper Bags

Today I'm going to show you how to print graphics onto brown paper lunch bags. It’s quick…easy and FUN! Oh and did I mention budget friendly?

Let's get started. 
  • Click on the graphics printable link. You will find this under the Printables header in the Menu at the top of The Domestic Curator's page.
  • Download the jpg files to your computer.
  • Highlight the files you want to print on your paper bags.
  • Right click on the highlighted jpg files.
  • Select print from the menu.

  • I used Windows Photo Viewer to print my graphics onto bags.

  • Notice, I selected all 8 image files to print.
  • You will see that the 'Fit pictures to frame' box is checked by default.
  • Make sure to UNCHECK this box. If not your image will be too large to print for the paper bag.

  • Notice how the image shrinks to more closely resemble the dimensions of the paper bag.
  • Now click on options and select OK.

FYI: The printer I used was a laser printer with a front feeder tray. I haven't tested this on an inkjet printer; if you want to try it, proceed with caution.

  • I’ve found that the simplest way is to simply feed the bags into the printer one at a time.
  • Be sure to discard any bags that appear to be crinkled or folded. Also, flatten any curled edges or folded edges that would impede the path of the bag through the printer.

  • Please use extra caution when printing on paper bags. Don't walk off and leave your printer.
  • If you detect that the printer is jamming or not properly feeding the paper bag, stop printing immediately.
  • Lastly, it is not unusual to see a bit of toner smearing near the image. This seems to be a result of the nature of the bag surface in that it is not completely smooth and flat. I kind of like the way this looks, but the marks come off easily with a regular pencil eraser.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial in how to make adorable and inexpensive treat and gift bags using lunch sacks and free graphic printables. They are ALL over the Internet and I will post more in the coming months for the holiday season. Check out The Graphics Fairy. She is a treasure!

The Domestic Curator


  1. Great Tutorial! Love how they turned out! Happy Halloween :)

  2. Great Tutorial! Love how they turned out! Happy Halloween :)

  3. Thank you Ronda for the tutorial! Took me a while to find a simple tutorial to achieve this :)

    I included your link in my "Game of Thrones Party Planning Guide", the instructions are perfect for my printable Game of Thrones popcorn bags. Take a look if you are a fan too!

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