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Immense landscapes, huge mountain ranges, vast forests and massive waterfalls are all things in nature that can make you feel small, in a good way. That’s why I've listed 20 great escapes that can make you feel small and let’s you fully absorb the surroundings of where you are standing.. pure solitude and peace..
Location: British Columbia, Canada | Image credits: Lizzy Gadd

Location: Mansfield, Victoria, Australia | Image credits: Alex Wise

Location: Arches National Park, Utah, USA | Image credits: Marsel Van Oosten

Location: Second largest tree in the world, California’s Sequoia National Park | Image credits: Michael Nichols

Location: Peak District, England | Image credits: Kai Yang

Location: Abiqua Falls, Oregon, USA | Image credits: Joshua Meador

Location: Moravia, Czech Republic | Image credits: Przemyslaw Kruk

Location: Myrdalsjokull, Iceland | Image credits: Max Rive

Location: Dolomiti Valley, Italy | Image credits: Dmitriy Vorobey

Location: Namib Desert | Image credits: Reinhard Gaemlich

Location: Iceland | Image credits: Wim Denijs

Location: Belarus | Image credits: Ivan Letochin

Location: Badlands in Death Valley National Park, California, USA | Image credits: Troy Montemayor

Location: Forest in Czech Republic | Image credits: Jan Machata

Location: Shelter Cove, California, USA | Image credits: Casey Mccallister

Location: Quiraing landslip, Skye, Scotland | Image credits: Robert White

Location: Karkonosze mountains, Poland | Image credits: Piotr Krzaczkowski

Location: Switzerland | Image credits: Peter Svoboda

Location: Iceland | Image credits: Max Rive

Location: Dolomites, Italy | Image credits: Francesco Vaninetti

Location:  Landmannalaugar, Iceland | Image credits: Max Rive

Location: Trolltunga rock, Norway | Image credits: Alex Emanuel Koch

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